The Relation Between ICT and Environmental Management Practice in a Construction Company

Together with Anneli Linde and Henrik Linderoth, I got a book chapter accepted for publication today. The chapter will appear in “Organizational Communication and Sustainable Development: ICTs for Mobility”, edited by Anette Hallin and Tina Karrbom-Gustavsson.

You can find more information about the book here.

To cite the chapter: Jacobsson, Mattias., Linde, Anneli and Linderoth, C.J. Henrik (2009), “The relation between ICT and environmental-management practice in a construction company” In: Hallin, A. and Karrbom-Gustavsson, T. (Eds.), Organizational Communication and Sustainable Development: ICTs for Mobility, New York: Hershey.


The aim of this chapter is to draw attention to the use of ICT in the building and construction industry with a special interest in the day-to-day activities of those companies that are working to develop more environmentally friendly and sustainable production processes. The chapter is based on a comprehensive survey of ICT use and attitudes to environmental related issues in middle and large sized construction companies in Sweden and two case studies: One of ICT use in a larger Swedish building and construction company and one of communication, coordination, and decision making processes in a construction project. Based on the empirical data we argue that in order to enhance a more environmentally friendly building and construction industry there is a need for a more genuine cooperation and knowledge sharing between different actors both in crossing project boundaries as well as overriding contractual limitations. Decisions in a construction project must be taken earlier in the process and construction companies need to focus more on those processes over which they actually do have power.