Paper published: Towards a shift in mindset

Finally! Today, Philip Roth and I got to see our paper in print. To quote a famous beer commercial, it was …worth waiting for”!

Towards a shift in mindset: partnering projects as engagement platforms

The last decade has seen shifts in both practice and research regarding client–supplier relationships. Cooperative project client–supplier relationships have become increasingly common, and have spurred a stream of vivid research on for example alliances and partnering. Despite increased attention, an insufficient understanding of the relationship dimension is identified, described as a ‘black box’. Here it is suggested that a key to unlock this ‘black box’ is to focus on the everyday practice and the role of the mindset of involved actors throughout the project. We argue that running partnering projects involves more deeply rooted changes than previously recognized. Changes relate to the mindset among involved actors, where service (instead of merely products or production) becomes the core denominator. First we aim to illustrate that a partnering project, if well functioning, can be understood as an engagement platform, and second we aim to discuss the consequences if this is acknowledged in practice. The case, a successful Swedish partnering project, is explored from a service-dominant logic perspective and it is suggested that successful partnering projects are to be defined as engagement platforms. A refined categorization of the components of partnering is provided and the implications of a shift in mindset discussed.

The full paper can be downloaded here.