#19 ‘The Open Secret of Values’

11/11 was a good day! Together with Thomas Biedenbach, I got another paper accepted in PMJ. This time in a special issue on Philosophy of Project Management. The paper is called “The Open Secret of Values: The Role of Values and Axiology in Project Research” and the purpose is to explore the role and potential benefits of axiology and value theory in project research. We do this through a) an exploration of the essentials of axiology and value theory, b) a review focused on how values have been used in project management research, and c) a reflection based on the historical-logical development of—and paradigmatic influences on—project and their management. In the paper we concluded that project research would benefit from a more encompassing philosophical treatment of axiology beyond merely acknowledging values as a thematic concept, or as a part of project management methodology.

Here is a teaser from the introduction:

A central question throughout human history has been the one of what is actually desirable and/or good? The hedonist response would probably be ‘pleasure’; the pragmatist would be ‘solving the problem’; and the followers of Immanuel Kant, something along the line with ‘a good will’. But what is, or has been, perceived as desirable and ‘good’ in project research? And is it fruitful, or even possible, to consider such question(s) beyond the mere quality of the production of research itself? Also, would there be benefits from a more encompassing treatment and understanding of values and value theory in project research? In this paper we will explore these and other related issues in our quest to take stock of the role of values and axiology in the field of project research.

The paper is expected to be published in the middle of 2016.