#21 Analyzing the Scandinavian turn and the Rethinking effort

Together with Rolf Lundin and Anders Söderholm, I was during the spring of 2015 invited to submit a manuscript to a forthcoming special issue called “Reflections of 10 years of rethinking project management – legacy and future“. The invitation came from  International Journal of Managing Projects in Business, and after some weeks of intensive work we submitted a manuscript at the end of the summer. Today it was accepted for publication. It became my #21.

The paper is called, “Towards a multi-perspective research program on projects and temporary organizations: Analyzing the Scandinavian turn and the Rethinking effort” and it will be out in October this year.

Hopefully the readers of IJMPB will appreciate it as much as one of our reviewers who wrote, “This will be a very valuable record of history that sadly will slip away unless maintained on the record. This is especially valuable for the SI as it represents a core part of the story of the whole rethinking PM initiative. Nice work!

Thanks for the encouraging comment!