Guest Editor: Special issue

Together with Rolf Lundin, I’m currently Guest Editor of a Special Issue in International Journal of Managing Projects in Business. The focus of the Special Issue is on “World Views on Projects and Society” and it takes its basis in the variety and abundance of projects in society, and the fact that projects are both shaped by, and shapes the contemporary society. Central themes of interest are:

World Views on Projects in Society 
– How does the definition of ‘what a project is’ vary across the world?
– How are projects organized differently (as a result of these differences in meanings)? How has this changed over time?
– What are the trajectories of project research and practice in various parts of the world?

The World of Projects in Society
– How do institutions (both formal and informal) in various parts of the world influence the meaning and organization of projects?
– What has projectification wrought on the social institutions and society where organizations have adopted it wholeheartedly?
– In what way do projects influence or shape (formal and informal) institutions?

The Role of Projects in the World
– What is happening to societies in the age of projectification?
– How might the work of project organizing be marshaled to help solve some grand challenges of societies?
– How can project organizing serves society at large?

Key Dates: 
Brief drafts (approx. 800 words) of intended paper submitted before June 20, 2017.
Deadline for submission of full drafts: February 28, 2018.
Submission of comments by reviewers: April 20, 2018.
Final version: October 15, 2018.
Issue publication: Spring, 2019.

Please make a contribution! You will find the complete call here.