Transformation from the inside

Money, money, money…

Today, Henrik Linderoth and I received funding for yet another research project. This time for a project called “Transformation from the inside: the importance of pockets of change for increased digitalization“. The project stretches over 18 months and starts in the beginning of 2019.

English summary

This application takes its starting point in the results of the, by Smart Built Environment (SBE) funded, project “Barriers and drivers for a digitally driven industry development”. One of the identified drivers was the existence of so-called “pockets-of-change”. Pockets-of-change can be described as a small, relatively homogeneous group of individuals who interact in order to achieve change from the inside of an organization. In the mentioned study it was shown how the identified pockets-of-change, despite good ideas and strategic support, had difficulties in getting traction for their ideas. Therefore, we then ask how come these pockets-of-change have not gotten greater impact and how might the influence of these pockets-of-change be strengthened? Against this backdrop, the purpose of the proposed study is to analyze the underlying limitations of these pockets-of-change and understand their role for increased digital transformation. The study design consists of three steps; identification and mapping of pockets-of-change, semi-structured interviews focusing on both organizational limitations as well as the conditions/characteristics of the identified pockets-of-change, and a thematic analysis of the empirical material. The study will be undertaken in close cooperation with the member organizations of Jönköpings läns byggmästareförening (JLB). The JLB board will serve as reference group in order to ensure both the practical relevance of the project, as well as to enable rapid feedback and dissemination of results. Results will also be disseminated through The Swedish Centre for Innovation and Quality in the Built Environment (IQS)utilization committee. The results of the proposed study are also clearly linked to several of SBE’s long-term goals.