Online conferencing

This week I was supposed to be at ARCOM in Glasgow presenting my research, listening to presentations, discussing, and socializing with peers in the academic community. But as everything else this year, what was supposed to happen didn’t happen. Due to the current situation, ARCOM was arranged online during two days at the beginning of this week (8-9/9). I must really praise the organizers for their effort (they had done a great job with the arrangements), but online conferencing is still not really conferencing. If you ask me, it is more like academic youtubeing.

Anyway, we presented a paper called Towards digital transformation in construction firms: Tapping the potential of new graduates. The paper is one of the core contributions from our ongoing research project “From talk to action: The potential of new graduates to foster digitalization driven innovation in the construction industry“. The response at the conference was very positive and I really look forward developing this working paper to a journal article.