Conference participation

Conference participation is usually a very rewarding experience. However, attending a conference online in the middle of the night takes away some of the joy. This week, I attended the WBC2022 which was held at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia. The original plan was to participate physically, but “life” came in the way. Given that Melbourne is 8 hours ahead of Sweden, all sessions started after midnight (Swedish time) and ended at seven or eight in the morning. Consequently, participation implied staying up all night.

On the 30th, I had my presentation of a paper from the project Kunskapsspridningens premisser which we were working on last year. The abstract of the paper can be found here.

Jacobsson, Mattias and Linderoth C. J. Henrik (2022). “Towards improved dissemination of results from strategic innovation programmes: the case of Smart Built Environment”, CIB World Building Congress 2022, Hybrid, Melbourne, Australia, 27-30 June 2022.