#29 Four images of projectification

It took a while, but the review of projectification I wrote together with Beata Jałocha for the IRNOP conference in Melbourne 2018 is finally accepted for publication. The paper is called “Four images of projectification: An integrative review” and it is accepted for publication in International Journal of Managing Projects in Business. Hopefully, we will see it in print during early fall.


The aim of this article is to give an overview of the development and current state of projectification research. Through an integrative literature review, 123 journal articles, books, book chapters, and conference publications were analyzed thematically. Among other things, the review outlines the development and scope of projectification research from 1995 until 2021 and discusses four emerging images of projectification: projectification as a managerial approach, projectification as a societal trend, projectification as a human state, and projectification as a philosophical issue. Each image forms part of the contemporary understanding, with the notion that projectification is not to be understood as just one of these images, but all of them.