#30 The history and future of projects as a transition innovation

Today, I got my third publication this month accepted for publication. It is fascinating how things turn out. Like the publication that got accepted ten days ago, also this one was presented at the IRNOP Conference in Melbourne in December of 2018. Both paper was presented the same day at IRNOP and now, 2.5 years later, accepted within 10 days. It will be great to see them in print.

This paper, which is written together with Shankar at UTS in Sydney and Tomas at USBE in Umeå, is called “The history and future of projects as a transition innovation: towards a sustainable project management framework“. The paper will appear in Systems Research and Behavioral Science.

A big thanks to both of them for making this happen. It’s kind of a big thing for me because it is my thirtieth publication!