Available as open access

My two newest article are now out and available as open access. Feel free to download and read them! The first is about the current state of projectification and how the literature on this topic has evolved over time. The second article is about what role newly graduated construction engineering students have (and can have) in the digitalisation of construction firms.

Jacobsson, Mattias and Jałocha, Beata (2021), “Four images of projectification: An integrative review”, International Journal of Managing Projects in Business, Download here.

Jacobsson, Mattias and Linderoth, C. J. Henrik (2021), “Newly graduated students’ role as ambassadors for digitalization in construction firms”, Construction Management and Economics, Vol. 39, No. 9, pp. 759–772. Download here.

Please let me know if you for some reason are unable to download the files.