More great news

Together with Philip Roth, I got another paper accepted today. The paper is called, “Towards a shift in mindset: Partnering projects as engagement platforms” and it will soon be published in Construction Management and Economics.

Editorial paragraph
Jacobsson and Roth argue that there is a need for a changing perspective on partnering projects where they should be seen and treated as engagement platforms. Recently, there have been a growing number of studies focused on the more relational aspects of running partnering projects, but none of these have questioned the basis for the economic exchange and value outcome. The authors however argue that there is a need to acknowledge ‘service’ as the foundation of the economic exchange, and that a shift in mindset is required towards viewing value as being co-created. Based on an in-depth case study of a successful Swedish partnering project (corresponding to an investment of €100-110 million over five years), the authors show how the project can be defined as an engagement platform, and discuss the consequences thereof.  Arguing that the engagement platform constitutes the enabler for co-creation of value between the involved partners, they propose three shifts related to how to understand partnering. The first related to the purpose of partnering, the second related to the understanding of the partnering outcome, and the final related to how the role of clients in partnering is understood.